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PWR works at the intersection of finance and law, delivering a unique blend of expertise to guide clients through every situation. We exceed expectations by presenting clients with diverse experience, honesty, and responsiveness through life’s big decisions.

What We Do

Practice Areas


Organizing and arranging assets and property for their eventual distribution, with the goal of maximizing their value and minimizing taxes and other costs. Creating a will, setting up trusts, selecting beneficiaries and making necessary arrangements are components of estate planning.

WEALTH Planning

PWR has you covered through effective estate and gift tax planning, business succession planning and other wealth preservation tactics. Wealth planning services are customized to meet the specific financial goals and needs of each client, allowing for long-term success


Arranging the terms and conditions of a financial transaction to meet the specific objectives of our clients. The goal of transaction structuring is to create a deal that is efficient, effective, and aligned with the goals of all parties involved, and to minimize potential risks and maximize benefits.


Assists entrepreneurs and business owners in the process of starting and establishing a new business. This typically includes advising on the appropriate legal structure, registering with relevant government agencies, obtaining licenses and permits, and preparing required documents.

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Why Clients Choose PWR

PWR, LLC blends legal expertise with hands-on financial experience to provide clients a seamless, triumphant experience, regardless of the situation. We strive to help businesses, and the families who own them, make well-advised, financially informed decisions.

Our dedication to excellence and transparency build successful, long-term relationships with each client. Maintaining integrity through honesty, objectivity, and independence, our team always seeks the best results for our clients- nothing else.

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    Born From Frost, PLLC
    To Serve You

    Frost, Pllc, a well-established public accounting firm, recognized a way to do more for their clients in the early 2000s by combining legal expertise with a systematic financial approach. With that, PWR was born, carrying the same expectation of excellence, transparency, and dedication to our clients. 

    Cross-Functional Expertise

    Our dynamic combination of expertise allows us to provide valuable input in various situations, helping clients make the best decisions possible.

    Quality, Personalized Services

    PWR holds its members to the highest standards of service. It’s evident in every conversation and interaction we have with our clients.

    Your Partner In Every Stage

    Our firm is here for clients through each phase of their lives, from business management to estate planning.

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