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    Who is PWR?

    In the early 2000s, Frost PLLC, a well-established public accounting firm, recognized an opportunity to do more for its clients. There was an existing client need for transactional legal services—so why not provide this legal expertise under the same roof with people who already knew their clients and their businesses? With that, PWR was created to expand the capabilities of Frost CPAs with law licenses. PWR has since built on that tradition of excellence, integrity, and transparency to become a standalone firm. 

    Where does PWR offer legal and financial services?

    PWR is proud to offer legal and financial services to individuals and businesses Nationwide, helping clients in various industries achieve their goals and long-term success. 

    Will PWR help me achieve my business plan?

    Our professionals are dedicated to helping you see your goals through, strategizing with you to align your efforts with your vision. As you traverse the business landscape, our legal and financial experts are there to revise your strategy and put you on track as needed. We are invested in your success from start to finish. 

    Does PWR handle complex estate planning?

    Our deep understanding of legal and financial matters gives PWR a unique capability to handle all estate matters, regardless of complexity. PWR leverages legal and financial strategies to preserve and protect our client’s assets while minimizing taxes and costs, providing the most effective structuring for simple and complex estate planning matters.