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Synthesize Your Goals Into Reality
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Dynamic Experience For Seamless Business Formations

PWR combines years of hands-on financial expertise with a wealth of legal knowledge to fabricate the best solutions for each client.

Our professionals have first-hand experience with various financial processes and accounting procedures, along with in-depth legal knowledge that allows PWR to extend the most transparent, favorable solutions for professional challenges. We help businesses navigate successful business formations, transaction structuring, and more to keep them in line with their goals.

PWR helps entrepreneurs and business owners plan and establish their businesses by analyzing the market and competition, developing a business plan, setting financial goals, and creating a strategy for growth and success. Our professionals also assist with sourcing funding, securing necessary licenses and permits, and establishing legal and financial systems for the business to provide entrepreneurs with all of the tools for success. Due to our unique blend of legal and financial expertise, there’s no need to chase lawyers, accountants, and other professionals- we’re right here.

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The PWR Strategy

1. Synthesize Your Goals & Desires

As your strategic partner, it’s our mission to listen beyond what the client seeks from us and understand their aspirations for themselves, their families, and their businesses. 

2. Client Analysis

By establishing the client’s vision (Who or what you’d like to emulate), PWR helps clients identify what is attributed to their success, what the client does similarly, and what we can do better.

3. Creating A Success Plan

PWR helps clients maintain their vision, creating step-by-step strategies to fill gaps in their operations and fortify operations for continuous improvement. 

4. Implementation & Accountability

Our professionals advise and assist clients through each step, reviewing and revising plans to fit an ever-evolving landscape. 

This Is What We Do

PWR offers clients comprehensive legal and consulting services to meet their business goals, applying a systematic approach to achieve the best outcome. Our professionals are dedicated to your success, from synthesizing your goals to keeping you accountable and growing.

Cross-Functional Expertise

Our dynamic combination of expertise allows us to provide valuable input in various situations, helping clients make the best decisions possible.

Quality, Personalized Services

PWR holds its members to the highest standards of service. It’s evident in every conversation and interaction we have with our clients.

Your Partner In Every Stage

Our firm is here for clients through each phase of their lives, from business formation to monitoring and strategizing.

What is the purpose of business planning?

Business planning creates a roadmap for success and guides the growth and development of a business. Business planning involves setting goals, analyzing the market and competition, identifying and addressing potential risks, and developing a strategy for achieving success. A comprehensive business plan helps entrepreneurs quantify their goals and vision, prioritize tasks, attract funding, and helps the entrepreneur align these components for sustained growth.

When should entrepreneurs hire a business planner?

Entrepreneurs can hire a business planner at any stage of their business development, from the initial idea to the growth and expansion of an established company. The exact timing for hiring a business planner depends on the needs and goals of the business and the entrepreneur. However, numerous benefits are associated with hiring a business planner before forming the entity. In general, entrepreneurs should consider hiring a business planner when they seek to take their business to the next level, whether starting a new business, seeking funding, expanding, or overcoming challenges. PWR can provide the expertise, guidance, and support needed to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals and succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.

Where does PWR offer services?

PWR serves clients nationwide, providing legal and financial guidance in various situations. 

Does a business planner need legal and financial expertise?

While many business planners are solely equipped with financial and business-related experience, PWR’s legal insight provides a broader understanding of business formation. While many business matters can be handled by a financial professional, there are situations that call for a legal advisor. Having a business planner with this unique combination of expertise allows clients to efficiently resolve issues and navigate the business world. 

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