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What is PWR?

PWR works at the intersection of finance and law, delivering a unique blend of expertise to guide clients through every situation. We exceed expectations by presenting clients with diverse experience, honesty, and responsiveness through life’s big decisions.


Arranging assets and property for eventual distribution, with the goal of maximizing their value and minimizing costs.

WEALTH planning

Wealth management services are customized to meet the specific financial goals and needs for long-term success.


Arranging the terms and conditions of a financial transaction to meet the specific objectives of our clients.


Assists entrepreneurs and business owners in the process of creating and establishing a new business.


Professional Services

In the early 2000s, Frost PLLC, a well-established public accounting firm, recognized an opportunity to do more for its clients. By combining superior accounting with comprehensive legal knowledge, PWR was formed to provide seamless, complete business and accounting services.

Building on Frost’s traditions of excellence and outstanding service, PWR strives to deliver the most effective and beneficial solutions for each client. Our goal is to help businesses and individuals find success in every step of their journey, and with a systematic approach, we can help you get there.

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